Since 1986, the Monroy Long Range Fuel Tanks are the only ones FAA STC approved for Mooney Models M20C, E, F, J, K, L, M, R and M20TN. They have gone through extensive engineering and flight testing to assure reliable operation. There are over 700 Mooneys worldwide with this upgrade. The upgrade is also approved by the LBA in Germany, the ENAC in Italy, and the CAA in Australia.

The Long Range Upgrade provides an increase in range performance of 69% for the M20C and M20E models to 33% for the M20M (Bravo) and M20R (Ovation) models. This range increase is provided by the addition of two long range fuel tanks in the wings. Each tank holds up to 18 gallons a side (15 gallons with speed brake) for a total of 36 gallons (30 with speed brakes).


Standard Fuel Capacity

Upgraded Fuel Capacity

Standard Range*

Upgraded Range*

M20C Ranger

52 Gallons

88 Gallons

800 NM

1300 NM

M20E Chaparral

52 Gallons

88 Gallons

850 NM

1350 NM

M20F Executive

64 Gallons

100 Gallons

900 NM

1400 NM


M20K 231/252

64 Gallons

76 Gallons

100 Gallons

106 Gallons

1150 NM

1368 NM

1800 NM

1900 NM

M20L Porsche

60 Gallons

96 Gallons

960 NM

1536 NM


90 Gallons

120 Gallons

1170 NM

1560 NM

M20R Ovation

100 Gallons

130 Gallons

1860 NM

2400 NM

M20TN Acclaim

100 Gallons

130 Gallons

1445 NM

1852 NM


*No-reserve range at 50% power at 15,000 feet, zero wind. Range varies with weight and mixture leaning.




In addition to increasing the range, it allows your Mooney to run at higher power setting, thus achieving higher cruise speeds for long trips where it is most desirable, without lengthy fuel stops. On a 1200 NM trip, this speed difference can be from 20 KTS for the M20J to 50 KTS for the M20M. This difference translates to a savings of three hours on the average 2400 NM round trip (1200 NM each way). Safety is also improved by having a larger fuel reserve at your destination (especially under IMC). For those remote destinations where there is no fuel available (or is too expensive), it allows you to reach them with the return fuel onboard.

Bravo Mission Profile with Long Range Upgrade



The Long Range Upgrade allows the Mooney Airplanes to perform mission profiles rivaled only by more expensive aircraft such as some turboprops, business jets and airlines. The cost of these tanks can be recovered in about 15 long trips or less depending on how much you value your time. There is no other upgrade or modification that can improve the cruise performance by so much.

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